Renter Information/FAQ’s

All your Rental Information is Available Online

Dingle Partners manages the property you are renting via our end to end Property Management solution, OurProperty.

In OurProperty you can:

  • View property and lease information
  • See when rent and bills are next due
  • View your payments history and download receipts
  • See dates for upcoming events like property inspections and your lease renewal
  • Create and see the progress of maintenance requests

This can all be done digitally in one location, using the Tenant Portal from OurProperty, or the OurProperty Dingle Partners Tenant App.

As an approved Renter you will receive a login to OurProperty. 

You can log into your OurProperty account in the Tenant Portal at:

Or, download and log in to the OurProperty, Dingle Partners Tenant App: 

How do I Report and Initiate a Maintenance Issue

All maintenance can be reported via the OurProperty Dingle Partners Tenant Portal or the Dingle Partners Tenant App.  

Report Maintenance in the Tenant Portal here:

To learn how to create a Maintenance Request in the Tenant App.  Click  here

Checking your Maintenance Requests

In the Tenant Portal and Tenant App, you can go back to the ‘Maintenance’ page from your home screen at any time and check on the progress of your Maintenance requests by clicking on the request icons.

After Hours and Emergency Maintenance

Sometimes, issues occur in your property that need urgent attention. Often after business hours.

All urgent maintenance should be notified via Our Property in the Dingle Partners Tenant App.

During business hours? Please also call the office on 03 9614 6688.

We have a reliable and validated team of Emergency trades. 

Please note: Emergency and Urgent Repairs should only be used in an emergency situation in accordance with the rules set forth by Consumer Affairs Victoria.  

URGENT REPAIRS as defined by Consumer Affairs Victoria are as follows (to see more click here):

  • Any burst hot water service.
  • Any blocked or broken sewerage fittings.
  • A dangerous electrical fault likely to cause damage to the property.
  • A failure or a breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply.
  • Any fault endangering human life or makes the rented premises unsafe or insecure.
  • A serious roof leak.
  • A gas leak.
  • Serious storm or fire damage.
  • A failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance for hot water, water, cooking, heating or laundering.
  • An appliance, fitting or fixture which is not working properly and causes a substantial amount of water to be wasted.
  • A serious fault in a lift or staircase in the rented premises.
Paying Your Rent

Dingle Partners provide 3 ways to pay your Rent.

  • Direct Debit from Bank Account
    Through a Direct Debit from a bank account. Take the hassle out of paying rent. Sign up to have Rent due automatically deducted from your bank account. 
  • Credit and Debit Card
    Through a direct debit from a card, either a Credit or Debit card. Take the hassle out of paying rent. Sign up to have your rent automatically deducted from your card as required. 
  • Pay at Post Office
    Control the payment of rent yourself, paying at Australia Post. Each month you will be sent a barcode so you can physically pay at any Australia Post Office. 

OurProperty keeps you fully informed with regular emails and SMS. Advising when your rent is due to be deducted from your account, and is paid. You can also see this by logging into your account in the Tenant Portal and Tenant App.

Important Note: Charges for Direct Debits from a bank account, and Direct Debit from a card (credit or debit) apply. Paying at the Post Office incurs no charges. 

Vacating My Property at the End of Rental Agreement

In accordance with your Rental Agreement.  With good planning,  vacating your property can be a seamless process.

If you need to break your fixed-term Rental Agreement please contact your Property Manager to discuss the options.

To vacate your property at the end of the Rental Agreement:

Advise you are Vacating

Please ensure you provide notice in writing, preferred via email, to your Property Manager.  This written notice must be provided with 28 days notice.

It cannot be before the end of your fixed term Rental Agreement.

Cleaning must be completed on Vacating

Cleaning should be completed once you have removed all your furniture and belongings. 

Cleaning can delay your bond refund. We suggest you hire one of our preferred cleaners.  Please discuss with your Property Manager.

Book your cleaning at least 1 week prior to vacating. 

Windows and screens are to be left clean internally and externally where accessible including window sills, ledges and tracks. 

Balconies are to be cleaned and all rubbish removed.

Keys to be returned to Dingle Partners

Make sure your keys are returned on the vacate day.  If you fail to return your keys on this date, rent will be charged until the time that your keys are returned to your Property Manager. 

Return to your Property Managers office all keys, swipes and remote controls (if applicable) provided to you at the commencement of your Rental Agreement.

Final Readings Utilities

Arrange for the final readings for all your utility connections directly with your utility provider. We request you leave the electricity connected for 3 business days after you vacate to ensure we are able to complete the final inspection.

Direct Debits through third parties to be Cancelled

If you have a third party direct debit set up such as:

Rental Rewards (02 9556 7556)

One Rent (1300 784 424)

Or any other company, ensure you make contact with the company to cancel the transactions going forward.