Our Story

50 Years Experience Creating Property Solutions

Operating at every level of residential Real Estate.  We specialise in Real Estate Sales and Property Management. Delivering superior solutions. 

Operating to meet your goals is our key priority.  We have a team of talented, highly engaged, and supported Real Estate Professionals, who are driven to help achieve your property goals today and in the future. 

Awareness, Exposure and Experience for Superior Property Solutions 

Melbourne is a dynamic marketplace.  Buyer sentiment, supply and demand, economic swings and foreign investment are some of the many variables. 

How you sell is as crucial as what you are selling. With deep market knowledge, we invest in our relationships.  Spending the time to understand your goals.  Then we formulate the best strategies for your property.

Our market visibility, access to an extensive validated database, and multi-channel Marketing expertise will ensure market exposure and access to buyers and renters. 

Top Performing Team, Track Record of Success

Our team of experienced property professionals deliver exceptional experience, solutions and results. 

Property Management Strength

Our market intelligence comes not only from selling property. It is complemented by our Property Management capabilities. 

Managing a large property portfolio.  Our Property Management team is well-positioned to deliver superior asset and investment outcomes. Optimising returns through a disciplined approach. With strong support and digital capabilities. We ensure maximum focus by our top-performing people on delivering successful outcomes.

Delivering your Property Goals

We are intimate with the market, and dig deeper through experience, market awareness, data and technology.  Dingle Partners is best positioned to deliver a high-quality Sales and Property Management experience.